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Carmen Console

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O 24 x 26 24 x 36

This is a rare 1991 Ford Poster of the Milestone Mustangs. The illustrations are by Carmen Console and the poster is produced by Automobile Quarterly. Copyright 1991. The Mustangs pictured are: 1964 1/2 Six Cylinder Hardtop, 1966 Gt Fastback, 1966 GT Convertible, 1967 GT Fastback, 1968 1/2 GT428 Cobra Jet, 1969 Mach 1, 1970 Boss 302, 1971 Boss 351, 1971 Mach 1 429 Super Cobra Jet, 1974 Mustang II Mach 1, 1978 King Cobra, 1979 1/2 Indy Pace Car, 1982 5.0L GT, 1984 1/2 20th Anniversary Convertible, 1986 SVO, and in the center, the 1991 5.0L LX Convertible. The specs for each vehicle are listed below each illustration: Engine, Dimensions & Weights, Production, Base Price and Performance characteristics.

About the Artist: Working as a commercial artist, graphic designer, and illustrator for over 30 years, Carmen has created hundreds of illustrations and design projects. His illustrations have appeared in many magazines, books, and ads all over the world.