Dan Marino: Miami On The Move

Rick Rush

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S/N: 5000 in series 9 x 12 9 x 12

He drops back in the pocket and his eyes fill with fire as he rockets a tracer 50 yards downfield to find his receiver crossing the double stripe for another six points. That's something he has done more times than any quarterback - more than Namath or even Montana. His near 4,000 completions are also tops as are his 50,000 yards passing. Among his many honors, he was the Associated Press' All-NFL quarterback from 1984-86. Arguably the greatest quarterback to play the game. Marino's magic is brought to life by Rick Rush's inimitable style in this 1985 game in which he dusted the Pittsburgh Steelers for 400 plus yards.

About the Artist: Richard Allen Rush was born on October 16, 1946 in Mobile, Alabama. From an early age, it was obvious that “Rick” had a fondness and talent for drawing. Rick studied art under the late Richard Brough at the University of Alabama, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972. After graduating, he headed Southern Living Magazine’s Southern Living Gallery, where he coordinated promotions of art publications. Rick established his own studio in 1982 to create his hand done serigraphs using as a blueprint the studio of Norman Lassiter, who printed for numerous artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Rick’s hand-done serigraphs have been created in-house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, ever since. Ricks work is sold in every state of the United States. Soon following, Rush Galleries officially incorporated into Jireh Publishing International.