Redbud, Augusta #16

Kenneth Reed

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S/N: 500 in series 23.5 x 30.625 17.5 x 25.25

Redbud #16, par 3, 170 yards, is located at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Annual host of The Masters during the first week of April. Redbud has yielded more aces during the Masters than any other hole at Augusta. The green features a large beautiful pond to the left. During practice rounds at the Masters this hole has become an entertainment spot where players intentionally skip their tee shot off the water and onto the green.

About the Artist: Having lived most of his life in the north east of England, Kenneth Reed's awareness of his subject is evident in his paintings of the British Isles' golf courses. He has also been commissioned to paint numerous prestigious golf courses in the United States, including Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, and Augusta National.